Macrame is back in the trend !!

macrame decoration ideas

Trend alert: Macrame is back in the spotlight. Find some macrame decoration ideas.

Macrame may be known for its bohemian feel in the ’60s and ’70s, but this textile art form of knotting and hanging is believed to have originated in the 13th century and was all the rage in the Victorian era. Today, it’s easy to find macrame decoration ideas as macrame is back in the trend.

The macrame trend was popularized by the hippies, but is making a comeback in 2021. Macrame dominates social media, including Pinterest, in the form of macrame plant holders, macrame wall hangers, macrame pillows and many other macrame products. Macrame’s “hippie origins” are causing a split in the interior design community. We either love it or hate it. However, we think there are many ways to incorporate macramé into your decor, in small ways.

You may feel compelled to search for macrame tutorials online because of all the hype surrounding it. For those who want to save time and supplies, there are still many options. There are many pre-made macrame products that can be used to decorate your home immediately. Below is a list of macrame products offered our Macrame-design online store. Learn how to incorporate them into your home decor.

You can have a look at our macrame categories, in order to find more macrame decoration ideas:

4 macrame decoration ideas:

Macrame Hanging Planter:

Macrame plant hanger, whether you like them or not, are a great example of 70s decor. These planters are versatile and can be hung from windows or corners to add greenery to your space. Bonus: many interior designers have started opting for faux plants in their interiors – so feel free to decorate your hanging planters a plastic plant! You can find tons of fake plants on the internet.

Macrame Plant Hanger:

Macrame wall hangings can be a great way to keep up with the macrame trend, while keeping your personal style intact. There are many design options to choose from: some are entirely macramé, while others include metallic elements and geometric shapes to give them a modern look. A great selection of macrame wall hanging awaits you on our category page.

Macrame Pillow:

You can also try macrame pillows. These pillows add a bohemian and carefree vibe to any bed design.

Macrame pillows in natural colors are perfect for minimalists. The texture of macramé adds depth and warmth to spaces so they don’t feel too cold or flat.

Macrame mirror:

These macrame mirrors can be subtle ways to add a bohemian touch to your living room, especially for summer entertaining. They can also be used in interior vignettes to add natural elements to existing decor.

In summary: Macrame is back and looking better than ever thanks to creative artisans and designers who have merged the old with the new using age-old techniques in innovative ways. If you haven’t jumped on the modern macrame bandwagon yet, now is the perfect time! has the perfect macrame piece for your decor.

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