How much macrame cord do I need?

How much macrame cord do I need?

How much macrame cord do I need?


Many of you have wanted to try macrame rope. But, the problem of quantity is what makes you hesitate. The question is: How much macrame cord do I need?

This simple calculation formula will help you to clarify your requirements and determine the appropriate amount of rope for a project.

There are many factors that can affect the amount of rope needed. The first is the type of project you choose (wall hanging or plant-hanging). The type and tension of the knots used (are they loose and airy or tight and compact)? All factors must be considered, including the number of knots and the final format.

We can all agree that the string length should not exceed 4 to 6 inches for the final product.

How much cord do I need? Our method of calculation:

The information required to calculate the rope amount is:

  • The final length of the finished product. Final length of the product
  • The number of strings you can use

Let’s look at the wall hanging above as an example.

  • The hanging is 45 cm long at its longest point.
  • It is made up of 11 cords, folded in half to make 22.
  • It has loose knots, so you will need less rope. Therefore, we can assume that it would require 4 times as much rope.

To calculate:

45 cm (the length at the end) X 4 (4 for 4 times the length) = 180cm or 1.8 m

1.8 m X 11. (number of ropes needed) = 19.8m

A mural like this would require 20m of rope!

If I wanted it to be tighter with more knots, then I would have calculated 5X the length. My calculation would look like this:

45 cm (the length at the end) X 5 = 265 cm or 2.25m

2.25m X 11. (number of strings needed) = 24.75m

That’s all! All you need to do now is to experiment!

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