Tutoriel: How to macrame wall hanging?

How to macrame wall hanging? for beginners

How to macrame wall hanging?

The art of macrame wall hanging? Some people say this is one of the most artistic projects you can do. You can make a lovely home decoration by assembling a few beautifully crafted macramé pieces and hanging them on windows and doors or along the walls of your home. Your guests will surely marvel at such a sight. Isn’t that what they are looking for?

To decorate your home, macrame is considered one of the simplest methods. With simple macrame knots, you can make a great masterpiece that will surely look beautiful. The next time you are invited, think about the decorative macrame pieces that you can bring with you to the party. This will surely add style and elegance to the party and make your host or hostess very happy.

Get all the necessary materials:

How to make a macrame wall hanging? The first step is to gather all the necessary materials. The important materials you need are macrame pattern, macrame hanger, a spool of macrame rope, a straight pin and a pair of scissors. If you have already mastered the art of knotting, these are the items you need.

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Choose the macrame design you want to create:

First of all, you need to choose an appropriate pattern. You can choose a beautiful floral macrame pattern or a macramé pattern that is painted on a wall or printed. There are many patterns available in craft stores or you can download from our site. Choose a macrame pattern that you find interesting and start creating the intricate knots.

You can have a look at our macrame categories, in order to find more macrame decoration ideas:


Next, you need to prepare the support beams. It’s best to use drywall anchors to hang your macramé panels. Next, attach the panel to the wall with the macramé knots using appropriately sized hooks. Hooks come in different sizes. You can make your choice based on the size of your panel and the length of the hooks you will use.

To finish your macrame wall hanging, you need to weave the hanging piece with the macrame knots. Make sure you don’t forget any part of the panel that you need to weave because you don’t want it to be missing. When you are done, you can add the finishing touch with some dried flowers that you tied with the macramé knot. Finally, you can attach the hanging piece to the support beam with hooks. Hang the macrame panel in your home and enjoy the view! Proudly display this masterpiece. Your guests will be sure to admire this extraordinary work of art.

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